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“A lifelong method that makes us one of a kind”

For children from 1 to 18 years of age.

We’ve developed a unique method that enables children to learn English in the same way that they learn their mother tongue.
Our method grows at the same pace as our students and accompanies them until they achieve the most advanced communicative skills in English. 
At Kids&Us, we offer our students an English level rich and full of nuances, capable of opening the doors to their personal and professional futures. When the babies of today must take charge of their own lives, they’ll be ready to do so. 



Prague locations: 

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Our mission is to be a language-teaching company that is innovative, dynamic and committed to future generations.  Excellence must be the cornerstone of each and every one of the company processes to ensure that learning is effective. 

Our vision: We want to make it possible for children to learn languages using a fun and effective method, in order to build a better world in which communication is no longer a barrier. We are excited that the legacy we leave behind will help them achieve their aspirations, both on a personal and professional level.


Could a child learn their mother tongue without having ever heard it before?

  • Clearly the language acquisition process begins long before the child actually begins to speak. Therefore, the Kids&Us methodology is based on children beginning to assimilate the new language through daily exposure from the first year of life.



How does a child start to understand their mother tongue?

  • After hearing the same combinations of words at different times and in various contexts, the child eventually understands the meaning of everything they listen to. Parents talk to their children naturally, using a variety of words, phrases and sentences in different tenses. Kids&Us reproduces this situation with their students by exposing them to the language as it is used naturally and in contexts which are easily recognisable to them.


When does a child start to talk?

  • Talking is a natural consequence of listening and understanding. After the children have listened to and understood the language, we create situations where they have a chance to put into words everything that they have been learning up to that point.


Reading & writing
In our mother tongue, would we even contemplate our child reading before they can speak?

  • Reading is a natural consequence of listening, understanding and speaking. Starting to learn a language by reading and writing is not the natural process; it is like a bird trying to fly before it knows how to spread its wings.
    Writing is expressing thoughts on paper. To reach this stage of language development, it is essential to have mastered the previous stages: listening, understanding and speaking.

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